Fanfare The San Francisco Saxophone Quartet reigns supreme." GANNETT NEWS SERVICES There may be equally talented sax quartets... but I'll have to check it out. These guys are artists. SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE A skilled quartet of the first order." RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL Amazingly Entertaining. OAKLAND TRIBUNE”
Herb Caen - San Francisco Chronicle - "These guys are artists" Founded in 1977, and playing on the streets of San Francisco since 1989 (where their "uniform" is white tie and tails - and baseball caps), The San Francisco Saxophone Quartet went international, with a concert tour of Japan and worldwide distribution of their "Tails of the City" album on Angel Records. The quartet uses transcriptions of classical music from all eras along with original compositions. Arrangements make use of the four saxophones, or three saxophones plus piano or harpsichord. As impressive as each member is in solo performance, it is the ensemble that is truly magnificent. Somehow these four saxophones manage to sound like a much larger assemblage, one including the sounds of oboes, trumpets, french horns, violins, and more. The effect is magical and gloriously musical.”
Sax invented the saxophone to add string-like tone colours to military bands.  I'm sure he would be very surpised at what these guys do with Classical Music." ” - LW

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